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  • Renovation Services in Cyprus by Renovator Works!

    Services in

  • Renovation Services in Cyprus by Renovator Works!

    Services in

  • Renovation Services in Cyprus by Renovator Works!

    Services in

  • Renovation Services in Cyprus by Renovator Works!

    Services in

Renovation Services Cyprus by Renovator Works
Expert Renovation Services with Expert Renovators in Cyprus.
Expert Renovation Services provided by Renovator Works
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Beautifully renovated kitchen with Renovation Services Cyprus by Renovator Works.
The process

Our magical renovation process

01 / Initial Consultation

The first thing your renovation consultant will want to know is what it is that you want to achieve through your home renovation. In this initial consultation, you can throw all of your ideas on the table - your consultant will then tailor them to your property and budget.

02 / Concept & Feasibility

With a clear understanding of your renovation goals, your consultant can arrange for an architectural concept to be drawn up. This allows your consultant to assess whether or not your ideas are feasible, and allows you to point out any changes you would like in the design - before any work begins.

03 / Working Drawings & Costing

Next, working drawings will be developed. These will take into account the engineering, structural, design and aesthetic decisions you have made. If you would like to make any further changes, now is the time to do so. From there, your consultant will present you with a fixed-quote as well as a contract.

04 / Building / Construction Stage

Finally, you get to witness your project transition from the page to your property! Every aspect of the build will be managed for you, allowing you to carry on with your everyday life. Your consultant will do everything in their power to keep your project on schedule so that it can be completed within a set timeframe and budget.

New Kitchen

Garage Re-design

Gaming Room

Coffee Shop

Attic Re-design

Store Renovation


& Much more!

Perhaps your bathroom space is too crowded for your growing family?
Maybe you need an extra bedroom, or you just want to create a family-friendly living area for everyone to enjoy?
Whether it’s something big or small, the team is here to help you!

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We craft residential renovations for our clients from modern, industrial to luxurious concepts. Tell us your vision and we'll make it work with your budget. We work with international architects, interior designers and local construction professionals to make your dream come true.

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Looking to improve your corporate outlook? We help turn businesses into brands customers can trust with innovative designs.

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It isn't just about the location, it's about how you make people feel when they visit your commercial space, let us help you wow your customers today.


Let's discuss the opportunities available with your residential space and turn your dreams to reality.


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Revamp your commercial space to engage with your customers and keep them wanting more.


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Latest guides in the office. Our renovation services starts and ends with a best-in-class experts in the industry producing amazing content for our customers.

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    Residential renovation services in Cyprus typically include kitchen and bathroom remodelling, living room and bedroom renovations, flooring and tiling, painting and wallpapering, electrical and plumbing updates, window and door replacements, and the addition of new rooms or spaces. Renovator Works also offers design consultations to help homeowners achieve their desired outcomes.

    The duration of a home renovation in Cyprus can vary widely depending on the project's scope. Minor renovations might take a few weeks, whereas major overhauls could last several months. A detailed timeline should be discussed with the us during consultation, considering all phases from design to completion.

    Depends, certain types of home renovations in Cyprus require permits, especially if the project involves structural changes, electrical or plumbing modifications, or exterior alterations. At Renovator Works, can assist in determining the necessary permits and handling the application process.


    Select a contractor with a strong reputation such as Renovator Works, relevant experience, and proper licensing and insurance. Review our portfolio, check our references, and ensure clear communication. With Renovator Works you can obtain detailed quotes and ensure it aligns with your vision and budget.

    Current trends include open-plan layouts, natural materials like wood and stone, energy-efficient upgrades, smart home technology, biophilic design elements, minimalist aesthetics, and outdoor living spaces that enhance the connection with the Mediterranean landscape.

    Yes, strategic renovations can significantly increase your property's market value, especially updates to kitchens and bathrooms, adding energy-efficient features, and enhancing curb appeal. Consult with a renovation expert to identify the most value-adding changes.

    As a Renovation Service Company in Cyprus, we offer eco-friendly renovation options, including the use of sustainable materials, solar energy systems, energy-efficient windows and appliances, and water-saving plumbing fixtures. These options not only reduce environmental impact but can also lower utility costs.

    Consider your business's needs, employee comfort, brand identity, and future growth. Focus on creating functional spaces that promote productivity, incorporate your brand elements, ensure compliance with local regulations, and consider sustainability and technological integration. Get Office Renovation Services today with us.

    The process typically starts with a consultation to discuss your needs and goals. This is followed by design and planning, where ideas are transformed into detailed plans and budgets. Once agreed upon, the renovation work begins, overseen by project managers. Regular updates should be provided, leading up to the final inspection and completion of the project.